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"i got this book with the idea to get familiar with the exam and set of questions it has helped me more than that , it helped me secure a good grade i got 7.5 on my exam , guess not bad one to go through"

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"This is a very good product and everything was handled very well. Thank you."

Price : $23.74

"I had to take the exam in February, 2007. And I had 4 weeks ahead of me, when I heard people studying for months, i said "I am in trouble". Then ordered this book along with audio cd's. After studying the practice tests i started to feel confident and my exam was perfect (to me : I haven't get the results yet 🙂 ). I also studied the previous books of Cambridge IELTS, too. I recommend this book to everyone. For writing and speaking you need to find other resources, since those can not be tested by the book."

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"An useful book for studying for IELTS"

Price : $10.51

"I have just started using the book after seeing the author give a British council lecture on line.Really useful in helping approach the task one and 2 ielts writing tasks and so useful to have model answers and an answer key. Well worth the money and highly recommended. I am now wondering how I managed without it!"

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"Improved my listening skills"

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"The newer edition has wisely upgraded the initial task, in each of its 30 sub-units, of connecting new vocabulary items to their definitions after the reading of a passage. The passages are similar to but shorter than Academic IELTS passages. The twenty new words in a list are broken down to more manageable groups of about five words. Also added is practice in paraphrasing. Students have to recognize from a choice of two or three the one which offers the best paraphrase of a sentence from the passage. The follow up material after the vocabulary has been taught and practiced in very useful word family exercises (which students in my experience find difficult) is the chance to do a Task 1 or Task 2 writing exercise based on the subject of the reading, or, in other units, the chance to have a discussion about the topic of the reading. Or even to listen to something about the topic. So a very useful book which integrates the skills. (If only the actual exam did the same!) I use it as supplementary material and produce an answer sheet much like an IELTS answer sheet but broken down into the different sections. This enables students to send me their answers on one sheet which students like and also it makes for easy grading"