Sách GRE

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" why'd you give it five stars? Even though there are no new questions from the previous edition, it's still a great book since the questions are written by ETS. They have the same complexities and nuances as those on the real test. They play by the same rules. As a GRE tutor, I've seen just how important this is from working with hundreds of students over the past 9 years. Therefore, this book (or the identical previous edition) is well worth getting to get used to the real test. Make mastering these questions more of a priority than practicing with questions written by a third-party (like Kaplan or the Princeton Review). Third-party questions DON'T behave like verbal questions on the real test. They're often too simple, inconsistent, and just not very GRE-like."

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"I've been a GRE tutor since 2008, so I write this review from that perspective. The 150 math questions in this book are valuable, since they're written by ETS, the company that creates the GRE. They're much, much more realistic than questions written by other companies. For that reason, using this book is an important part of successful GRE prep. I also recommend buying the other two official ETS GRE books: the Official Guide, and the Verbal Reasoning Practice Book. They're sold together as the "Super Power Pack". The experience and insight you gain from authentic ETS questions is really valuable, and even though the books don't offer a whole lot more than practice questions, they're still essential. In my study plans, you'll find all my GRE prep recommendations."

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"I just started using this book and let me tell you. Forget about Kaplan and all the others because this is the only book you need. What distinguishes this book from the others is how coherent it is and how it follows from one point to another. Going through this book has helped me see that the GRE is just a test that anyone can overcome with practice. The book is thorough and so far the strategies it gives are amazing."

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"When studying for the GRE, one must remember that all non-official sources of GRE practice questions and tests are simply lesser imitations of the real thing. Although third-party strategy books and practice drills are often necessary to supplement your studies, nothing beats the Official Guide when it comes to realism, especially for verbal questions. The Official Guide to the GRE, 3rd Edition is barely revised from the 2nd edition. 4 out of the first 7 chapters are exactly the same, as are the 2 (paper) practice tests included in the book. It includes 296 real GRE questions, and 57 additional math exercises. Chapter 1: About the GRE General Test (same as the 2nd edition) Chapter 2: GRE Analytical Writing (same) Chapter 3: GRE Verbal Reasoning (same) Chapter 4: GRE Quantitative Reasoning (same) Chapter 5: GRE Quantitative Reasoning (5 extra pages) Chapter 6: GRE Quantitative Reasoning Practice Questions (5 extra pages) Chapter 7: GRE Math Review (12 extra pages) Chapter 8: GRE Practice Test 1 (same) Chapter 9: GRE Practice Test 2 (same) It is also important to note that the book itself only includes 2 (not 4!) GRE paper tests. The other 2 GREs are the CATs (Computer Adaptive Tests) that can be accessed by downloading the free GRE PowerPrep Software from the ETS website. Yes, it would have been nice to include some new tests in here, but as other reviewers have noted, that’s unfortunately not the case. This book is nearly identical to the previous (2nd) edition, and no longer includes a CD (not that the CD adds much, since the PowerPrep software has always been free to download online for anyone with internet access). I understand that many of us in the test-prep industry (including myself) are flummoxed by the fact that ETS has declined to release any new practice tests in this 3rd edition of the Official Guide--it would have been nice to have more real GRE practice tests to give our most diligent students. However, 99% of people who are searching for a GRE prep book on Amazon have never taken the test before, so it doesn’t really matter that these tests aren’t new--if they’re new to you as a potential grad student studying for the tests, then for all intents and purposes, they should work just fine. That is, until you run out of official GRE practice tests, at which point you should start looking for other resources."