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"The actual GMAT test questions in the test are more deceptive than what is presented in this review. Although it is nice to have the problems laid out in a seemingly linear order, I found it to be difficult to judge my performance on the quantitative section based on this text alone. When used in conjunction with a GMAT book geared towards methodology, you find a happy medium that allows you to perform quicker and more efficiently on test day. My recommendation is to use this this book after reviewing the quantitative section of whatever prep book you have chosen. The answers are often wordy and confusing when approached using the GMAC methodology. Answers are often found quicker and more efficiently through other methods than what this book covers."

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"Best book to practice the real gmat verbal questions. This book has helped me to learn the key questions that are asked in GMAT. Best part is that you can read it on your Kindle device"

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"Loved it. It was extremely helpful for my preparation. You definitely need this. Preparing with just the ordinary OG is not enough"

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"- Great!!! Perfect very resourceful!! -What sort of reviews are required for a book. This is meant to be studied and I am doing that. This is official book, condition is good."

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"Really helped with the math section especially. I've been out of college for a few years now and decided to pursue an MBA. This book really helped me to prepare and score well (90th percentile on verbal!!)."

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"It has been said that the most effective way to study for the GMAT is using one study course and KAPLAN's study course is the best. I have increased by score by so much by reading this book. Comes with not only the book but free online practice tests in the true GMAT format. So much quality for so cheap!! Definitely recommend!!"

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"This is a great book for learning GMAT strategies and getting an understanding of the exam. I came in not knowing anything about the exam, but now feel much more confident / prepared because of using this prep book. Super great quarantine activity!"

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"If you are new to the GMAT, get this book BUT you will have to work to get value out of it. The book does not contain any strategies, tips, or techniques to help you learn content. It is only a collection of highly valuable questions. Don't think you can just get this one book and nail the test - you need something else - more books, a course, tutor, butler, etc. If you own a previous edition, and evaluating ROI, getting a Question Pack from GMAC's site is a better value ($30 for 404 questions in QP1). In case you are wondering about the question level/difficulty in this book - it is mostly Easy to Medium with few hard questions (not a bad thing necessarily) ~~~ Strengths ~~~ 1. Real GMAT questions retired from past tests - 900 real GMAT questions retired from past tests. 2. Online quiz engine allows you to build practice sets using the OG but it is very weak and cumbersome (more below) but the engine is flawed at the moment - it will be updated later in the year 3. Practice questions follow actual GMAT test patterns (it's great to have one's ear trained, esp. in verbal) 4. Overview of the Integrated Reasoning section (50 questions online) ~~~ Weaknesses ~~~ 1. The quiz system is too simplistic and cumbersome. For example I have no idea how to start working on question 10 or take only assumption questions for example, though it is an upgrade from the previous version... Perhaps I have been spoiled with good GMAT Prep and other CAT Test interfaces. I am struggling here. 2. Questions are EASY/MEDIUM difficulty in general (only about 5 questions are really a 750 level) based on GMAT Club member feedback. Here are the hardest ones: (V Diag 25, PS 218, DS 129, DS 131, DS 141). 3. Does not include any test-taking strategies. Though it has a few short review sections for each area, they are weak and very unfriendly 4. Questions are predominantly low to medium in difficulty which is often not representative of questions one encounters on the test 5. We really could have used some new questions. The official Guide questions are generally on the EASY side. 6. There is a 75% overlap with previous edition. ~~~ Contents (number of questions per section - has remained unchanged since OG 13)~~~ 1. Diagnostic Test - 100 questions 2. Problem Solving - 230 questions 3. Data Sufficiency - 174 questions 4. Reading Comprehension - 139 questions 5. Critical Reasoning - 124 questions 6. Sentence Correction - 140 questions 7. Integrated Reasoning - 50 questions (not included in the 907 count) ~~~ HOW DO I STUDY WITH THIS BOOK? ~~~ In case it was not clear, you don't really study with it. You need other books to study and then you use this book for practice/quizzes. For example, you can get the Manhattan GMAT Set of Guides or the Veritas Prep Guides. These book sets come with 8-15 books that are targeting specific Math and Verbal areas. You have a much better chance getting a 700+ with those book sets (not guaranteed) but they also do require at least 2.5-3 months to cover them. The MGMAT Books come with 6 adaptive online tests. Veritas Prep books come with tests as well BUT only if you purchase from their website (Ugh). If you only have a month, you can get the Kaplan book set (Premier and Verbal/Quant workbooks if you need them - they can do the job done but not as exhaustive as MGMAT or Veritas Prep). ~~~ What are some of the good study suggestions? ~~~ - Start with a practice test (diagnostic test) - You need quality time. It is really the quality time (morning for some and evening for others) that provides the most retention and results - Don't skip or move past a section until you're able to solve 90% of the questions correctly (timed of course). That is if you want 700+ - Never solve questions without timing yourself (unless it is quick drills) - Don't jump into the hardest areas first - build confidence instead with what you know and can demonstrate progress at - Start every new day with the review of what you have learned the day before - Make notes for everything you cover - it helps tremendously to retain what you have learned even though you may never read them. The process of making notes is a very helpful learning experience. If nothing else works - use it - Finally, your practice tests are a usually a very good indicator of your performance. If you are getting 600 on your practice tests, there is about a 2% chance that you will get a 700 score. Do not be surprised when you score on real test a 600"